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Traveling with the Presence of the Father...


By Debbie Cox


How do you travel a long road, yes it sounds like an old joke and the answer is -- very carefully. You know you are on a long road when you are tired all the time, and sleep is elusive. I am sure there are many out there who have experienced these symptoms. My long road started, well I realized I was on a long road when my eldest announced as a senior in college that she wanted to go to Tibet for 3 years to teach English. I wish I could say my first thought was “great idea, go for it” but it was more like “over my dead body” . Looking back makes the road easier to walk some days and others not so much. The eldest did go to Tibet and returned with a master’s degree in ESL and met her husband on her first day back getting a cell phone, lol what an adventure, but that is her story. 

The second child also a daughter was in her career as a nurse when she applied to go to West Africa - for two years--- in the middle of the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Wow, talk about praying without ceasing guess the Lord knew I needed to be on my knees a little more. 

The third child and my first son graduated with honors and found a job within three months-- this was going to be the easy one, or so I thought. He moved to another city in a different part of the state and then his girlfriend moved in with him. Ahhh, motherhood challenges. And his job sends him around the world, as he has just flown to Qatar for a week, more prayers going up, lol. 

The youngest was off to college in 2012, we were finally going to be empty nesters, right, another turn in the road. About mid way his first semester, We received the phone call no parent ever wants from the campus counselor. “Please come and get your son asap, as he is talking about hurting himself and we feel he needs hospitalization.” When we brought him home we had to wait 2 weeks for an appointment. We could have taken him to the ER, but my nursing sense told me he would not survive the ordeal. After 3 months, we realized this was going to be a long road. Schizoaffective disorder - look it up. It is not pretty and the outcomes are harsh, especially if you read the online stuff, so I don’t. He is stable on meds now and has become sort of a poster child for how therapy can work, but the road is long. 

Looking back throughout the Presence has been with me. Example, before the youngest had his breakdown, my devotions were filled with Isaiah 41:10. It is a strong verse about not fearing, and the Lord holding you. I memorized it because it was that strong, and I needed it several times in the months that followed. Last year my verse which I found during a severe anxiety attack the youngest had. It is Ephesians 4:6 about one God the father, in , over and through all things. And I needed that reassurance at that time, funny how God the Father shows up just in time - His time. 

Onward, my verse this Year is Isaiah 26:3, “ I will trust in the Lord forever, for Jehovah, the Lord God, is the rock eternal.” And I need this too because the eldest and her hubby and the grandson (who is 18 months and too cute) are off to Nepal for two years and I weep, but I know that is their calling and I know the Lord is good all the time, but the road is long, rocky and some days are for weeping. So I remain in hopeful waiting to see what the Lord will do next as you can see He has already carried me through a lot, and remains constant “in, over, and through all things” AMEN. 

God Bless you,



Grace and PEACE,


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