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Debbie Cox


So I go to a book club once a week and we have been reading Barbara Brown Taylor’s book “An Altar in the World” . It speaks of how the whole world is filled with the holiness of God and yet we often miss it. Are we dense, or do we just plod along not embracing the God of all things. Ephesians 4:6 says One God the father of all who is in all things and over all things and through all things. I for one am thankful that He is present in, over and through all things. These days of political upheaval make me even more thankful for the God who resides in the neighborhood, knows what is happening and works all things out for good (Romans 8:28). I do not understand this mystery of His working out all things and I may not see all the good things He does, but the Bible assures us that words do not leave His lips and come back without accomplishing what it is He has set forth. 

My book club leans left as far as politics go and I appreciate the space which I can voice my rather right leaning side. Today I commented that whatever happens happens only because of the Sovereign Lord and that we may not see how He is using something. And that is what is hard. Eve and Adam ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and it has skewed our vision because we were not to have this knowledge- it is too big and wonderful and our tiny myopic, tunnel-vision brains cannot comprehend it. 

My verse for the year comes from Isaiah 26:3 “ I will trust in the Lord forever, the Lord, the Lord God is the rock eternal.” I may not understand His ways, just like I don’t always understand my son’s mental illness, but I can pray and ask for guidance, for wisdom, for compassion even if I do not understand. So for today I pray for the peace and guidance of the Sovereign Lord in these times. 

Grace and PEACE,





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