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By Debbie Cox


I have been intrigued of late with the pursuit of holiness. Holiness, it seems has gotten a bad rap of late. Mainly when you speak of holiness, you get the eye roll and the usual, “ oh now you are holier than thou!” And yet we as Christians are called to “be holy for I am holy”. (Lev. 20:26, 1 Peter 1:15) Now that is a tall order ! If we are to be holy, how are we to do this?  

Incorporated in the “holiness” comes another deeper conundrum, in order to be holy we have to recognize “grieving the Spirit”, who we are sinning against, and the fact that as the Spirit lives within us which makes all ground, and all words holy! Pause and consider this - if all ground and words are holy should we speak at all? 

We live in times when the screens scream at us about one crisis or another, the instant posts on various media forums, scream take action, this is important, do this now. But really must we? Perhaps in this season of Lent we need to pause, reflect and fast from all things media. Being holy requires due diligence, prayer, daily presence in the Word, acknowledging the grief and sins we bring into the stewpot called life and surrender our will to the will of the Father. This is not a one and done study but a lifetime pursuit gently moving towards the goal of being

transformed - not by our wisdom or striving at it but in cooperation with the urging of the Holy Spirit, remembering that His presence is always available for us to request assistance and intercession when we don’t know what to pray for or about. 

Our class at church marveled at the fact that Jesus was able to face His temptations with the devil and succeed, some even considered that His “God side took over his Human side”, but they were reminded that Jesus was “prayed up” and had spent a lot of time with the Father in order to avoid the temptations and He quoted scripture which was engraved on His heart. This is a really good reason to

memorize scripture so that when in trials or temptations the verses come to you. Be aware that when scripture is placed in your path or readings more than once perhaps it is time to pause and memorize it as Crusty the Christian so aptly called such occasions as pre blessings.(Glory Seed Devotional, 2017.03.06***) I have certainly be the receiver of pre blessings and then the blessings that follow. If we are “prayed up” and “studied up” in the word we are less likely to grieve the Spirit. We are all on a journey, a journey of transformation into the likeness of Christ

and though I may fail, I can remain diligent in seeking, hearing and obeying, the Holy Spirit on this journey. My prayer for all is that you too are seeking, hearing and obeying with diligence.


God Bless You,

Debbie Cox





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